Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Accounting for myself!

Payment on account
Today I received a letter from my accountant, which had the opposite effect to what I normally experience... sheer joy and relief.  I am owed a rebate because of the odd and unexplainable notion of "Payment on account".
Apparently I had paid way too much last year "On account" - I didn't plan to, nor wanted to - but the net effect is positive - the tax man owes me a lot of money.

Also today, I had to account for my actions in my action research project and have come to the conclusion that I may be in "research deficit" by a LONG way!  Have I squandered my time over the last three months - or has it been one of the best investments of my life???

Scarman House at Warwick University has been the claustrophobic and fattening food rich backdrop to my research ramblings, with 17  IFL/LSIS fellowship holders.  I currently feel a bit like my accountant must feel as she tries to gather all of the information ahe needs to make an assessment of my liability.  The information is available but not necessarily in the shape or form they need.

Key learning points are:
  • Make the question explicit
  • Define the "creative ways"
  • Define the context
  • Be clear about the methodology
  • Identify the implications for practice
The challenge with research is to ensure that it delivers a return on investment.

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