Monday, 17 October 2011

Team building - Do good and feel good!

Creating Social Capital
Funny how memories flood back sometimes.... I remember painting the walls of my Sunday School at Hollinwood Working Men's Bible Mission as one of the best Team Building activities of my life! It was a frenetic activity that involved anyone who turned up and was a great opportunity to "do good and feel good!" Forty years on, the memory is as clear as ever.

As companies look to invest their CSR time and energy in team building activities that have the best possible pay back many are turning to Team Building for Charity. In their paper, EMPLOYEE VOLUNTEERING AND SOCIAL CAPITAL: CONTRIBUTIONS TO CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, Judy N. Muthuri et al (2007) state that " Benefits claimed by employee volunteers include sharing knowledge, acquiring new skills, insights into community issues, new perspectives on their own business and inner satisfaction. The volunteers also build internal networks which become supports in the workplace and contribute to further volunteer recruitment."
So when you are thinking about a Team Building activity which adds real value to the individual, your organisation and the chosen charity consider the Social Capital Matrix below

Creating Co-operation
"Those involved evealed that their capacity to cooperate depends on bringing some comparative advantage into the relationship. Thus companies partner charities because they are reputable and have expertise regarding social issues. They partner brokers because of their networking competencies. They partner employees because they can actualise the employee volunteering programmes. These relationships are characterised by mutual dependence with actors taking risks in investing their time and resources for a shared goal with no assurance of future benefits. In this web of employee volunteering  interactions, cooperative behaviour is cultivated, the existing social structure is exploited and new social capital is created"

Contact us f or Team Building ideas to enable your team to do good, feel good and increase cooperation.

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